🐕 3 GOLDEN NUGGETS FRIDAY 🐕 - Austin's Favorite Tactical Insight For Fast Growing Pet Brands.

#1 🐕

UGC is a fraction as effective as it was last year. The fix is long form content. ESPECIALLY with consumable products where pet parents are skeptical. We are leaning in heavy on YouTube organic, Indirect VSLs, and Podcast in 2024.

#2 🐕

Have you heard of Money seasons?

These are pockets of time when money just comes to you.

You may have 1-5 things like a business, advertising, influencer marketing, Amazon ads, retail, etc...that are bringing in new active income for you successfully.

It is not forever. It's a season.

We have 2 options:

  • Take your time like you are walking a dog.

  • SPRINT like you are running away from a bear.

Most people cautiously walk their dog when they find success. I have made this mistake too.

I ask questions like:

How can we make our ads more profitable?

What can we optimize on Amazon?

What if we made new creative before scaling?

These are fair questions but I find the biggest brands you look up to, do both.

Take advantage of the profit you are making while you are in your money season.

If you have things that are working, scale it.

Fix and make better as you scale until it becomes unprofitable. 

Rinse and repeat.

If you are serious about growing this year, this your friendly reminder to SPRINT when things are profitable.  

90% of your competitors are cautiously walking their dog.

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#3 🐕

Drive people to your long form youtube content.

It builds trust and credibility to help convert pet parents that are skeptical.

Those are my favorites. Which one did you like best?


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