🐕 3 GOLDEN NUGGETS FRIDAY 🐕 - Austin's Favorite Tactical Insight For Fast Growing Pet Brands.

#1 🐕

UGLY ADS! Have you ever seen a video with no editing, just 1 take and that's it.

Kinda ugly, but authentic.

A video that comes straight from the heart.

Well check this ugly ad 
here that did over $20m in sales in the first day.

Most brand experts would say absolutely not. But the results have been pretty shocking for us.

Ugly ads are something we are using more. The ROI is pretty insane if you get it right.

  • No subtitles
  • 1 take
  • Unique hook and story
  • Little editing

Everything that is against the grain but gives you way better odds of going viral.

#2 🐕

If you want to improve the economics of your pet brand and are doing less than $100k/mo, I recommend starting with your website.

Small improvements to AOV or CVR can literally make or break your profitability.

Here's our favorite tool right now for A/B testing website changes. 

#2.5   Sponsor S/O: Want a free audit of your pet brand?

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#3 🐕

Think about how you buy products. Would you buy a product on your website?

If the answer is no, then start working on above bullets.

Those are my favorites. Which one did you like best?


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