🐕 3 GOLDEN NUGGETS FRIDAY 🐕 - Austin's Favorite Tactical Insight For Fast Growing Pet Brands.

#1 🐕

We've seen this too.

Just like people hate sales pressure.

People will resist content that are clearly ads.

#2 🐕

The more I talk to founders the more I hear about productivity struggles.

Failure to write out your work plan is a guaranteed way to feel unaccomplished EVEN if you are busy working all day.

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#3 🐕

Here's my quick simple answer:

1) Take the 
Founder Ad Creative Challenge.

It's only $97 one time and it's guaranteed to give you a 10x ROI minimum in your career.

2) Create a TikTok Shop for your pet brand.

3) Post 1-3x content daily using what you learned.

4) Repost content on IG Reels. Link in bio to your website.

5) Make this habit. Do this for an extended period of time.

Best case: you make a lot of money.

Worst case: you get better at making winning ad creative.  

6) Multiply your efforts by adding creators.

Those are my favorites. Which one did you like best?


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