🐕 3 GOLDEN NUGGETS FRIDAY 🐕 - Austin's Favorite Tactical Insight For Fast Growing Pet Brands.

#2 🐕

Words like healthy, amazing, and great are water words.

They taste like nothing.

They do a poor job influencing pet parents emotionally to buy.

Instead call out problems.

"Dog have hot spots?"

"Is your dog itchy?"

"Avoid costly vet visits"

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#3 🐕

If you want to increase your Ad ROI without hiring expensive creative agencies...

Founder Ad Creative Challenge Is Live!

The last few years, I realized the most profitable companies have the best ad creative. OFTEN with the Founder's involved.

This 10 day course will teach you how to make your own winning ad creative constantly.

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- How to overcome being on camera if that's not your thing

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Those are my favorites. Which one did you like best?


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