Here are 12 ways to boost engagement, grow your followers and get closer to 100k followers!

Austin @ DogConnectors

Try this and thank us later

  • Post 3x minimum per day!
    Posting a lot can really improve your account, but it’s all relative to your account size. Accounts with only a couple 1000s followers, I recommend once a day. Accounts with 5000 or more 3x a day.
  • Use video posts at 12pm eastern. The video posts tend to go viral easier, and 12pm eastern is always the best time to post, with highest traffic peaking around lunch. Yes, everyone is on their phone at lunch time ;)
  • Post on stories the same amount if not more than your wall.
  • Use the story polling feature (Yes | No) This features shows Instagram that users are engaging on your post and will boost the visibility
  • Comment on 10-30 big accounts daily. Your comments get seen by others!
  • Like the last 9 photos of other accounts in your niche, multiple times a day.
  • Follow users in your niche to boost your visibility, you can unfollow later. The more you like, comment and follow on users profiles, the better you can grow
  • Beat the algorithm: When you post, get your followers commenting and engaging. You do this by actually asking them to comment, asking for their thoughts and opinions on your caption. Our engagement network PETS is highly effective for this.
  • Reply to all comments, this doubles your engagement, and starts conversations in the comments which also boost the posts. Comments are everything! Instagram will raise the visibility of your post the more the engagement goes up.
  • Ask other big accounts to like and comment on your post to boost it up.
  • Add location tags to all your posts
  • Make your pics square or vertically oriented. No more horizontal pics, I think Instagram favors the vertical imagery and square.
  • Do not waste your money buying followers. Do not trust websites selling you followers by mass amounts. VERY few are actually active and most are fake or bot followers.
  • People who hit the follow button actually engage and are interested in your products/services/value on


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