Bootstrapping Your Pet Business, Soap Opera & Seinfeld Emails, Points To Ponder

Austin @ DogConnectors

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Business suicide to only drive sales in one channel. You need all the cash flow you can get if you are bootstrapping your pet business. Check some of these out to get started.

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Cool framework I found reading Dotcom Secrets By Russell Brunson. This will help you add $300-$1500 in value over 3 years to Pet Parents that have purchased from you.

That’s $300k in rev. per 1,000 customers if done right. To break it down you have your 1) Soap Opera emails and 2) Seinfeld emails.

1) Soap opera - They just joined your email list. It is essential you quickly build a bond with them. If your first email is boring, you’re done. They probably won’t open the next one. In your Soap Opera Sequence, you’ll send out one email for five days that pulls your reader through a narrative to sell your products.
Use this framework (Day #1 Sets the stage, #2 Backstory, #3 Epiphany, #4 Hidden Benefits, #5 Urgency CTA).

2) Seinfeld emails - After they finish the Soap Opera sequence in the follow up funnel you move them to the Daily Seinfeld Broadcast. “The show about nothing”. You want your emails to be fun and entertaining. The structure you use is Hook, Story, Offer. Your email subject line hooks them to open the email, the body story has the goal of entertaining them, and the ending body ties back into what your core offer is.

I have far more to say on this can't fit it all here. If you want the full-breakdown custom for your business, jump on a call with me here

#2.5 🐕 🐕 Sponsor S/O: Pet Creative Co

Lets say you’re a pet brand and you need ad creative.

You either:

a) hire an expensive agency
b) find a pet owner on IG and pray they deliver what you need

But what if creating content was as easy as ordering Dominos Pizza?

Meet Pet Creative Co they match you with an affordable vetted Pet Creator in the U.S within 12 hours. Join their waiting list for engaging high-converting ad creative for your online pet brand.

#3 🐕

Loved both of these.

TOP: What is helping me right now is it’s normal to get nervous when you put yourself in uncomfortable environments. Don’t fight it. Accept you are supposed to feel that way and you get used to it the more you do it. Helped me a ton for public speaking. You’re not, not going to be nervous lol. Accept the nerves as normal instead of fighting it. That’s where you win.

BOTTOM: Lottery marketing wins for pet business are not the reality. Brutal consistency and strong brand foundations through 1) affordable traffic 2) bullet-proof sales funnel 3) customer nurture is how you will realistically eek profit out of the $100B+ pet industry.

Thought this was useful. Especially #4 and #5.

Those are my favorites. Which one did you like best?


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