Copywriting Frameworks, Converting "Window Shopper" Pet Parents, Owned Media For Online Pet Brands

Austin @ DogConnectors

#1 🐕

The quickest way to sell more pet products is to write better copy. CRAZY I know.

Here are 2 frameworks to write more effective copy in half the time.

PAS is my personal favorite.

Here’s an example:

You love your dog, but you don't like it when he smells.

And who can blame you?

The problem is that most pet shampoos are made with harsh chemicals that leave your pup's coat feeling dry and brittle or smelling worse than before.

<COMPANY/PRODUCT> solve the problem by using natural ingredients to clean your pet safely and effectively in just 5 minutes!

This revolutionary bathing solution eliminates odor instantly, relieves itchiness instantly, soothes skin irritation instantly, and leaves coats shiny and healthy.

The 5 minute odor eliminator. Click the link to learn more 👇👇👇

The problem is identified, agitated, then solved with your company/product.

#2 🐕

What does every million dollar pet brand have in common?

They convert pet parents that are "window shopping" on their site. Use this framework on your website/landing pages to get 1%-5% more people to pull out their credit card and buy your pet products. Check out real examples here.

#2.5 🐕 🐕 Sponsor S/O: Pet Creative Co

Lets say you’re a pet brand and you need ad creative.

You either:

a) hire an expensive agency
b) find a pet owner on IG and pray they deliver what you need

But what if creating content was as easy as ordering Dominos Pizza?

Meet Pet Creative Co they match you with an affordable vetted Pet Creator in the U.S within 12 hours. Join their waiting list for engaging high-converting ad creative for your online pet brand.

#3 🐕

Here’s a podcast example creating a super tight-knit group of pet parents. Own the media, win the game.

Those are my favorites. Which one did you like best?


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