Future For DTC Pet Brands, Austin's Memo To Get To 8-Figures At The Agency, Free Bonus UGC For Cat Brands

Austin @ DogConnectors

#1 🐕

I hope everyone had a fun and eventful Black Friday!

Fired up to see many wins and record months for our DTC pet brand partners.

Some key takeaways:

  • Your top 1-3 products will beat out your 20 other products. Prioritize focus for your winners.
  • A lot of scaling problems go away when your AOV is $60+.
  • Don't get ad creative fatigue confused with bad ad creative. AKA your ad is not fatigued if frequency is under 4.
  • The advertiser that spends more wins.
  • Don't change your winning offer, just test new names. EX: "Holiday Special Bundle"
  • CRO and Offers are future for DTC pet brands. Start now.

#2 🐕

Austin's Memo To Get To 8-Figures At The Agency.

WAIT to hire. Don't just hire because of need. Find someone that is an outstanding candidate.

You will never have an "ok" person become outstanding.

Outstanding people will only let you down.

OR they will stay outstanding.

So don't hire "ok".

Make sense?

#2.5 🐕 🐕 Sponsor S/O: DogConnectors

Let's say you’re a pet brand and need new customers for your DTC Shopify store.

You either:

a) Do it all by yourself working 56 hours/week.
b) Spin your wheels working with general marketing agencies that struggle to resonate with crazy pet parents.

But what if you had Pet Expert Growth Marketers plug in their system to spit out consistent new customers for your business?

DogConnectors they turn window shoppers into paying customers for pet brands. Schedule a 1:1 to get a free audit of your business.

Warning: Must at least have 1,001+ units of inventory to work with DogConnectors.

#3 🐕

BRB changing DogConnectors to CatConnectors. You're looking at a new #catdad

Next cat brand to join DC in December will get some free bonus UGC!

(Just say you saw this pic)

Those are my favorites. Which one did you like best?


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