Seven Limiting Beliefs, Master Creatives, C.L.O.S.E Framework

Austin @ DogConnectors

#1 🐕

We've been using these 7 limiting beliefs in our creative and landing pages to help pet parents buy. We want to lower sales resistance.

Watch your sales and profit go up when you answer these questions for your buyer.

#2 🐕

How True Classic went from $3,000 to $150M.

2 Key Takeaways:

1) They test lots of creative. New ideas, angles, funny bits.

2) They spent a lot of money on Meta Ads.

#2.5 🐕 🐕 Sponsor S/O: DogConnectors

Let's say you’re a pet brand and need new customers for your DTC Shopify store.

You either:

a) Do it all by yourself working 56 hours/week.
b) Spin your wheels working with general marketing agencies that struggle to resonate with crazy pet parents.

But what if you had Pet Expert Growth Marketers plug in their system to spit out consistent new customers for your business?

DogConnectors they turn window shoppers into paying customers for pet brands. Schedule a 1:1 to get a free audit of your business.

Warning: Must at least have 1,001+ units of inventory to work with DogConnectors.

#3 🐕

Use the C.L.O.S.E framework to help your pet brand get more sales.

Creative - Create content that will increase CTR, Watch-Time, and Hook Rate. Use for ideas.

Language - Use post purchase surveys after the checkout page and ask them 1 question. Why did you buy this product? Give them multiple choice questions to choose from. EX: 1) Detox 2) Bloating 3) Weight Loss 4) Gut Health --Then double down on your language for the TRUE reason why most people are buying. You will might be surprised what the real reason pet parents are buying your products.

Offer - Get a free X when you spend $75. Or use Store Credit instead of discounts. It is cash-back but it will incentivize them to re-buy with you and you are only paying for COGS. It can be way more profitable. 50% CASH BACK sounds much better than 20% OFF.

Simplicity - How many steps can you remove? Every click we can get rid of means increase in conversion rate.

Email/SMS - If you are not sending emails 2-3 times a week, do it. Track what phrases/subject lines have high open rates and clicks in a google sheet. Refine and win. Insane ROI with paid ads.

Those are my favorites. Which one did you like best?


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