Ad Creative: Why User Generated Content is King of Pet Business Marketing

Hunter @ DogConnectors

Ad Creative: Why User Generated Content is King of Pet Business Marketing

Pet business owners ask us all the time, how can I improve my ad performance for my pet brand? While here at DogConnectors we've dissected this question down into hundreds of different variables, one aspect of ad performance within the pet space that undeniably increases sales is User Generated Content.

Why does UGC work so well within the pet industry? Simply put, pet parents want to see other pet parents allowing their pets to use, consume or wear that product prior to giving it to their own pet.

It's all about trust. We joke all the time here at DogConnectors that people care more about their pet's well-being than their own. And it's true. When pet parents view UGC, they get the "real life perspective" of seeing a product in action, which gives them the confidence they need to purchase the product for their own pet.

Incorporate UGC into your pet business marketing endeavors and watch your sales increase!


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